Disharmony between husband and wife due to sex life

Maybe you are not a "one-minute man", but you still need to find a way to keep your erection longer. If a man gets discouraged too early, his female partner must be disappointed. Sexologists tell you eight long-lasting ways, and don't rely on Viagra.


1. Learn from the "Indian Sexual Sutra"


Harper, a former editor of a British men's magazine and a sex expert, said that "Kama Sutra" (Kama Sutra) mentions a delayed ejaculation technique, which is also a method of training men for a long time. Harper recommends that men take their time. At the beginning, it takes at least three seconds to "in and out" once, and then slowly speed up. After four to five minutes, it is changed to in and out every second. When a man feels that he is about to ejaculate, it is best to stop the action immediately, but he must continue to stay in the female partner's body until he feels that the ejaculation is under control before continuing to have sex.


2. Don't think about whether you can do it


Certified sexologist and sex coach Patti. Anxiety about whether you're going to work is the number one killer of long-lasting erections, says Dr. Britton. Men must channel this negative thinking into a more confident inner voice. Britton suggests that when anxiety strikes, the easiest strategy is to tell yourself to stop worrying, take a deep breath, and pay attention to the sensations in your body. In other words, allow yourself to get out of your mind, into your body, and feel what your body is feeling.


3. Change the speed when ejaculating fast


Sex expert Catherine. Toyooka suggested that when a man ejaculates quickly, the best way is to change the speed. At this time, the man might as well leave the female partner's body and rub the labia of the female partner up and down instead. There are many sensitive nerve endings under the female vagina, and this kind of action can make her very happy.


4. Slow down in the process


Most men belong to the fast rampage type. Toyooka thinks that the slow speed can make the two become one. Touching and exploring the body can make the female partner more sexually aroused. Kiss your partner's neck, ears, and gently explore your body with your hands. Toyooka believes that the key to long-lasting erections is to enjoy the process and let it lead you to your destination.


5. Try other types of exercise


Britton recommends training the pectineus, the muscle group that runs from the anus to the urinary sphincter. If you want to learn how to contract your pubic muscle, stop in the middle of your pee and you'll know how to train yourself. Three times a day, fifteen times each time, it will be effective. Doing this exercise every day is actually "inflating" the penis. Contracting the pectineus allows good blood flow to the penis.


6. Practice more "seven and nine methods"


Haber likes the "seven and nine methods" most, that is, go in and out seven times quickly, then in and out nine times slowly, and then repeat seven times fast and nine times slow, seven times fast and nine times slow. This rhythm works best for men whose persistence doesn't match the needs of their partner, but it's also good for women, as it creates a rhythm that stimulates women.


7. Don't sprint too hard


Sustained deep thrusts can lead to rapid orgasms, and Toyooka recommends trying to penetrate only the back of the partner's vagina, in other words, only shallow thrusts. Alternating deep and shallow strokes can make the man last longer and make the sexual experience more interesting.


8. Learn to squeeze to block ejaculation


Britton advises men to learn the "squeeze technique". When three points of the penis are squeezed, it helps maintain an erection.


First, when the penis is erect, circle the end of the penis with your thumb and forefinger to keep the penis engorged. The second is to press on the underside of the head of the penis. "It's the male hot spot, full of nerves," says Britton. Finally, there is pressure on the "perineum," which is the part that runs from the front of the anus to the pubic bone. Press this point with your fingers. Can block ejaculation, reduce premature ejaculation.

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