How to prolong sex time? A few tips worth learning.

The length of sex is really a difficult question for men, how many men make up their minds to exercise and go to bed early, just to prolong it by a few minutes.


Why is Ding Ding so sensitive?


There are many factors that lead to premature ejaculation, and psychological factors are the main ones. Fear of sexual failure and emotional anxiety lead to premature ejaculation;


When I was young, I used to masturbate and masturbate, work pressure, psychological burden, fatigue, etc., all of which can lead to premature ejaculation~


Sufficient time is the guarantee of the quality of sexual life. In front of his lover, every man wants to have strong sexual ability and make love for a longer time, which can better meet the needs of both parties.


However, in life, many men have premature ejaculation, which has a great impact on men. In addition to using oral and external drugs, are there practical methods and techniques?


The answer is yes. The following is a detailed introduction to the best way to extend the time.


Tips for extending time scientifically—mentality adjustment:


Distraction: The speed of ejaculation has something to do with the ability to control ejaculation. If the penis erection is very hard and easy to be excited during sex, you may wish to properly disperse your attention during sex, and reduce the excitement of the brain through the dispersion of thinking activities, so as to prolong the ejaculation latency and prolong the time of sex life.


Overcoming psychological factors: If you are not confident enough in your ability to control ejaculation, or if you have time requirements from the woman, you are often walking on thin ice and trembling. Therefore, both parties should understand and support each other, and create a comfortable and warm environment, which will help both parties relax. The woman should also encourage more to help the man build confidence.


Tips for scientifically prolonging time - controlling the rhythm:


Adjust the frequency of sexual life: it is not advisable to delay abstinence. When the frequency of sexual life is low, gonadal secretions will increase. When sexually stimulated, these secretions will quickly gather from the seminal vesicles, prostate, testis, epididymis and other organs to the posterior urethra, causing the pressure of the posterior urethra to rise rapidly, and the pressure signal is fed back to the brain, so that the ejaculation center, when a certain threshold is reached , will induce ejaculation. Therefore, a regular and appropriate frequency of sexual life will help stabilize the timing of ejaculation.


Choice of posture: You can try to change the posture. The woman's head position or side lying position has sex, because it saves effort, the man's muscles will not be in a state of high tension, the activity range is small, the stimulation to the penis is weak, and the sex time can be extended even if it is short.


Appropriately increase foreplay: sex, not a simple piston movement. If you think of pistoning as sex, then foreplay is the match that sparks the love. Prolonging the caressing time in advance can shorten the time required for women to reach orgasm, thereby making up for the time difference of piston movement.


Tips for scientifically prolonging time - auxiliary supplies:


With the help of safety measures: those with overly sensitive penis are prone to get out of control and ejaculate when they are stimulated by extrusion and heat. Therefore, condoms can be used to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and achieve the purpose of delaying time. If necessary, even double-layer protection can be used. Time-delay condoms are also available.


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Tips for scientifically extending time - behavioral exercise:


Behavior therapy: In the final analysis, sex is a matter between two people, and a good sexual experience requires the joint participation of both parties to achieve it. Behavioral therapy can be used to reduce glans sensitivity, and behavioral therapy can also be used to prolong ejaculation latency.


The classic method is a step-by-step four-step process:


Step 1: The man is stimulated by simple masturbation, stops the stimulation when he is about to ejaculate, waits for the pleasure to subside, and then repeats the training;


Step 2: Masturbation stimulation after applying lubricant, the process is as above;


Step 3: Stimulated by the female partner through masturbation, the process is as above;


Step 4: After applying the lubricant, the female partner performs masturbation stimulation, as above.


Each step requires a certain amount of training. Generally, after the ejaculation latency reaches 10 minutes to 15 minutes, you can enter the next step. Using this method, coupled with the use of the Enison delay spray described above, is a gradual transition from simple masturbation to a situation that simulates normal sex, which helps men work steadily and improve their ability to control ejaculation. From the perspective of women, the longer the time, the better. Some women even experience vaginal mucosal edema after prolonged friction, which affects their sexual experience.


PC muscle training method: The core of PC muscle training is to increase the muscle tension between the pubic and coccygeal bones, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the control of ejaculation and prolonging the ejaculation time. First of all, we must accurately find these muscle groups: when we suddenly hold back when urinating, the muscle groups that can help complete the urination are the muscle groups that we need to exercise. Exercising while urinating does not always need to be done, as holding back can lead to urinary reflux prostatitis. It is recommended to relax the whole body and lie flat while resting, keep the PC muscle contracted for five seconds, then relax slowly, and repeat the contraction after five to ten seconds. Throughout the workout, breathe calmly and keep the rest of your body relaxed. You can feel the abdomen with your hands. If there is a tightness in the abdomen, it means that the wrong muscle group is contracted.

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