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Do you remember the thrill of taking off each other's clothes for the first time?


Couples have been dating for a long time, and they know each other's bodies and sensitivities well, but be careful, too familiar intimacy may secretly kill the passion between you. Every time it is the trick of the old man pushing the cart, and occasionally the partner wants to experience another kind of stimulation and orgasm in a new position; the way of making love is always gentle kissing and then hugging, but the partner may silently look forward to being wildly You fall.


Timely add freshness and excitement to the sex between you and your partner, and recommend five ways to increase lust and interest, so that you can look forward to the night when you can embrace each other and feel each other's desire every day.

Let's love in another place: the bathroom, the dining table, the field

Always complete that set of sex procedures in bed in a satisfactory manner? Try another place to have sex! Leaving an environment where you feel comfortable and safe, unfamiliar surroundings or the uneasiness of being spied on will stimulate your senses and make you more sensitive during sex.


Try to have pre-bathroom sex and watch each other's happy copulation in the mirror; or at the dining table, spread your legs and let your lover enjoy your plump and moist private parts; Have exciting sex in the stairwell or in the sparsely populated field! Let the sun shine on your bare chest and the wind blow your buttocks, and you will find that sex is such a stimulating and beautiful thing.


Good sex depends on the atmosphere: candles, music, Dirty words

Sex is not a simple thrusting exercise. If you want to experience a happy sex, the creation of the atmosphere plays an important role.


Try scented candles, the dim light and comfortable fragrance can make couples relax and enjoy each other's kisses and touches. The soothing and sexy music not only fills the space with a relaxing atmosphere, but also allows your partner to scream freely. Every gasp and coquettishness can superimpose your desire. Finally, don't forget to say some sweet and exciting Dirty words in each other's ears! The words "I want you to come in" and "I want you to lick me" are absolutely numb in the ears of your partner, and you can't help but want to penetrate you deeply.


Don't repeat the same old tune, change your posture: ballet dancer, advanced version of sitting posture, horseback riding reverse pinch

Always repeating the same old tune will make people lose the sense of freshness and expectation of monotonous sex, learn a few new positions secretly, and invite him to try it by surprise the next time you have sex with your partner. intimacy in the relationship.


Recommend you three new postures, try it with your lover next time:


  • Ballerina style: Different from the static position lying on the bed, the ballet dancer style has sexual intercourse in a standing position. During the thrusting process, different parts of the vagina can be stimulated, allowing you to enjoy different sexual orgasms.




  • Advanced version of sitting position: This position is an extension of the classic lady boss position. It starts with the classic lady boss sitting position, then leans the back back and puts the head between the partner's legs. At this time, the partner can lean forward and kiss the woman's breasts , abdomen, increase intimacy while thrusting.




  • Riding Reversed Clamp Pose: It also starts with the classic woman on top, but sits on it with the back to the partner. In addition, let the partner bend one knee, and the woman puts her legs across his thighs, so that While having sex, the female partner can also feel the thrill of the clitoris by rubbing her partner's body.



Foreplay needs to be done enough and wet enough not to hurt each other: fondling, blowjob, lube

In the process of making love, don't forget that only with good foreplay can you slowly accumulate desire and enjoy the pleasure brought by sex. Don't regard thrusting and orgasm as the purpose of sex, enjoy the intimacy of caressing your partner during the process, start from his ears, lick and kiss all the way down, neck, chest, belly, let your partner feel the numbness from your lips Feel, then go down, lick your partner's private parts, like playing with a precious toy, perform oral sex for your partner, and feel your partner's breathing and comfortable expression. In the process of caressing and blowjob, both can become more and more wet, so that the sex process will not hurt each other.


In addition, preparing a bottle of lubricating fluid can also help to speed up your wetting each other and set off your partner desire. In addition to general lubricants, you can also choose flavored oral lubricants to increase the stimulation of taste.

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