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Maca (scientific name: Lepidium meyenii, transliteration relationship is sometimes written as Maca) that grows on the plateau of the Andes in Peru is called "Inca radish". At the same time, it also has a famous name - "Peruvian ginseng". The local people have grown and eaten Maca for at least 3,000 years. They found that Maca can not only satisfy their hunger, but also enhance their physical strength.

How to eat Maca? Is Maca suitable for everyone? The following will take you from the introduction of Maca's efficacy and types, and teach you how to eat Maca correctly. In the past, Maca was often thought that men only needed to eat Maca, which made many people mistakenly think that "only men need to eat Maca". In fact, both men and women are suitable to eat Maca. The local residents in the Andes Mountains consume Maca regardless of gender, age, and especially the local menopausal women will eat Maca to regulate their physiological functions.

What is Maca? Know the 4 essential functions of Maca

According to research, dried Maca root is rich in nutrients, including more than 10% protein, 59% sugar, more than 2% fatty acid, 20 kinds of amino acids, 7 kinds of minerals and 8 kinds of vitamins.

In addition, the high content of "branched chain amino acids" and the unique "macaamide" in maca root are the focus of Maca's attention. Because almost all male health foods in Taiwan contain Maca, and the functions of Maca seem to be omnipotent after being exaggerated by marketing.

Leaving aside the exaggerated content of the content farm, let’s examine the benefits of Maca based on facts. The currently proven effects of Maca include:

  1. Maca can nourish and strengthen the body Maca can help laborers and office workers nourish and strengthen their bodies.
  2. Maca can help enhance physical strength Maca contains nutritional value that helps boost energy.
  3. Maca helps menopausal women maintain health Maca contains flavonoids, which can make menopausal women healthier.
  4. Maca can be energetic

Help male office workers and female office workers to be energetic and get full marks in meetings.

Am I suitable for Maca? 6 major ethnic groups to pay attention to before buying

6 major ethnic groups suitable for eating Maca

As mentioned above, the locals in the Andes take Maca for men, women and children, so Maca is suitable for people of all ages.

In modern society, the following ethnic groups are very suitable for eating Maca:

  1. Need energetic office workers
  1. Athletes who need instant combat
  1. Workers who need enhanced strength

6 major ethnic groups who are not suitable for eating Maca

Although Maca is listed as a safe food recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it is still recommended to consult a professional doctor before eating it for specific ethnic groups, such as:

  1. Lactating women, pregnant women

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are recommended to be evaluated by a professional physician before consumption.

  1. Thyroid patients

Maca contains thyroxine, which may be affected if the eater has thyroid problems.

  1. Those taking anti-hormone drugs

People with hormonal problems (breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.) should avoid taking maca.

  1. Those taking anticoagulant drugs

Maca is rich in vitamin K. The main function of vitamin K is to help blood coagulate. If it is taken together with anticoagulants, it will interfere with the drug's effect.

  1. People with liver and kidney diseases

Safety is unknown, please be evaluated by a professional physician before consumption.

  1. Those with any other special diseases

Those in any treatment period or with special physical conditions are advised to consult a professional physician before taking it.

How to eat Maca? Does the way of eating affect the effect?

Maca can be eaten in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Eat Maca directly

Maca can be eaten raw. It smells like rich dark chocolate and tastes like coffee beans, but few people eat it raw.

  1. Boil maca into dishes

The common way of eating Maca is to boil it with chicken soup and pork ribs, which presents a unique sweet fragrance.

  1. Maca tea bag, coffee bag

Dried Maca tablets can be brewed in hot water, and commercially available products also include Maca in tea bags and coffee bags.

  1. Maca powder, capsule, concentrate

Powders, capsules and concentrates are the most common forms of Maca sold in male health supplements. Powdered Maca can be directly mixed with milk tea, coffee, soy milk; capsules and concentrated liquid (Maca liquid)

It is common in male health food, and many manufacturers will also use other compounds (such as zinc) to enhance the effect of the product.

When to eat Maca? Correct Maca consumption time

Because Maca is rich in protein, it is recommended to eat it before meals, which will have a better absorption rate than before going to bed or just waking up. But it should be noted that, taking our product "WildStud™ Maca Energy Coffee" as an example

We specifically added Eucommia Male Flower, Polygonatum sibiricum, Deer Whip. These will boost the spirit of the eater, so it is recommended to consume Maca during the day.

Maca in any form has nutritional value, but Maca in health food is usually concentrated, because of the additional processing, it is relatively convenient to eat.

WildStud™ Maca Energy Coffee-natural erection supplements

How much Maca is enough? How long does it take Maca to be effective?

When eating Maca, you must pay attention to two key points in order to maximize the effect, one is "portion"; the other is "duration".

  1. How much Maca should be eaten?

Ingestion of Maca should make people "feel", at least 1500 to 2000 mg (1.5 to 2 grams) a day, if it is a compound combination, it can be reduced to 500 to 1000 mg.

  1. How long should Maca be taken continuously?

In addition to dosage, "continuous consumption" is also a key element for the usefulness of Maca, which is generally recommended for about 60 to 90 days (8 weeks to 13 weeks). Eating it intermittently will definitely have no effect; it is normal to eat it for only 2~3 days, or take it for a week without feeling.

The advantage of maca is that it can be energetic and has no side effects. It is burden-free and beneficial to eat in the long run.

Introduction to the 4 types of Maca, do you have to eat black Maca to be effective?

According to the color, Maca can be divided into four categories: black Maca, red Maca, purple Maca, and yellow Maca. Brands on the market often deliberately emphasize the rarity of "Black Maca (also known as God of War Maca)". In fact, the four types of Maca are planted with the same seeds, but their appearance is different after growth. Residents often eat 4 types of Maca mixed, and all 4 types of Maca have high nutritional value. "Only black Maca has nutritional value, and black Maca has the highest nutritional value" is a completely wrong concept.

The local witch doctor regards yellow maca as a food for "adjusting the body and daily consumption"; purple maca, red maca and black maca are used for medicinal purposes. Red Maca represents inner energy (for women); black Maca represents outer energy (for men).

So strictly speaking, apart from the real difference in the proportion of the 4 kinds of Maca planted, the most commonly eaten by local residents is "yellow Maca". At present, consumers' awareness of Maca (including enhancing physical strength and vigorous energy) They are also derived from yellow maca. Therefore, before buying Maca, don’t believe in the saying that “only black Maca is nutritious”, and choose Maca products with food safety certification and added natural formula, so that you can nourish and strengthen your body healthily!

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