Stop just thrusting! 6 Sensitive Zones for Men and Women! Turn up the libido and heat up the sex

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to win over your significant other? Don't worry, you may just not know or ignore the sensitive parts of the other person's body. No matter which man or woman has their "weaknesses". In other words, stimulating other parts of the body can help you or the other party to be more active and enjoy sex. Here are 6 body sensitive zones for men and women, let’s take a look!


According to research, 60% of men think that their private parts are not the most sensitive places, but the neck, ears and tongue are the parts that can excite men.


1. Neck

The neck is one of the parts with the densest distribution of nerves. Therefore, suddenly touching the other person's neck, or blowing lightly on the neck, can make the other person tremble, and then gently hug the other person with both arms, and arouse the other person's sexual desire with a kiss with light breath.


2. Ears

"Hitting" a man's ear can bring him a wonderful experience. Simply whispering softly in the ear can arouse his sexuality, and with the aid of tongue, it can make the other party more emotional. Use a soft tone of voice, whisper something flirtatious in the other person's ear, and then add some tongue movement to seduce the other person.

3. Tongue

It should come as no surprise that a deep kiss is the best way to arouse a man's desire. You need to alternate different tongue movements and different rhythms to warm up the sex that is about to happen. At the beginning, you can wrap your tongue around the other person's tongue, or gently suck his tongue.


In addition to the above 3 points, women also have some sensitive areas that their bed partners should pay attention to.(Related reading: How to prolonged sex time? A few tips worth learning.


4. Lips

A deep kiss before a night of passion, while not necessarily a necessary part of the romantic routine, is an important way to stimulate the nerves of a woman's lips. The discharge from a deep kiss affects the whole body and can be pleasurable. The only way to develop the sensitive zone of a woman's lips is to kiss. In addition, the tongue, teeth and fingers can also be used to induce the same secretion from the other's body.

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5. Nipples

In addition to the private parts, the most well-known sensitive part of women is the nipple, because the nipple is the most delicate part of women's skin, so men need to know how to effectively use the nipple to arouse desire. Covering the breasts with hands and stroking gently, or licking the skin around the nipples with the tongue, can make the female body slowly become excited, then put the nipples with the lips and rub gently with the tongue, and then apply more force to Stimulating the nipples while observing the other person's reaction will help you judge what kind of effect these subtle movement differences can have on the other person.


6. Inner thigh

It would be a big mistake to miss this most sensitive part of the inner thigh. The best way to stimulate the inner thighs is to gently touch them with your fingers or tongue to let the blood flow to the reproductive organs. If you can perform oral sex naturally, it will make the other party more enjoyable.

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