How to make her climax? 5 blind spots in men's sex

Details that seem insignificant can actually be big issues affecting your relationship. You may wonder whether your female partner also enjoys the pleasure of two-person sex, or is the female partner just to satisfy you, and even hope that it will end soon? The following are 5 mistakes and blind spots that men often have when they engage in bed sports. Please take a look at what women are thinking and what to do to make their sex life more harmonious!


Blind spot 1. Sex is just thrusting

Women need time to build up or arouse sexual desire before having sex, and many men don't know that women like to hug, kiss or hold hands before having sex. These body movements can give women a sense of security and make them more confident when having sex. Scientific research has confirmed that hugging for 30 seconds can promote the secretion of Oxytocin, which can make both parties feel trust and connection. Therefore, before entering the room to engage in two-person activities, no matter where you are, do some preparatory actions first!

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Blind spot 2. Thinking you know everything about sex

Surveys show that many women fake orgasms for the sake of their partners, so men may not know whether their partners are enjoying sex or not. If you like your other half very much and you want to make her happy, you might as well ask the other half directly what he wants, and let her tell you what she likes and what she doesn't like. After all, even if you are a sex expert, you dare not say that you know everything about sex!


Blind spot 3. No need to change 

Even if certain actions are successful several times, it does not mean that the other half will feel comfortable and happy next time. The orgasm point of a woman usually changes with the current mood. Last time she was very sensitive to this point, it may be different this time. Therefore, when touching, pay attention to which parts are more sensitive this time. If you find the sensitive area of your other half, it can last for a while, but please don't treat it as a routine, but change it at the right time.


Blind spot 4. Foreplay only requires physical contact


What men don't know is that women can be stimulated mentally, and even more emotionally than physical touch. Most women like to fantasize about things that can increase their sexual desire during sex. Why don't men help women? A man and a woman fantasizing together not only achieves sexual satisfaction but also strengthens their relationship.


Blind spot 5. Orgasms only occur during intercourse

It may sound unbelievable that a woman's orgasm doesn't always happen during intercourse, but since most sexual positions are less likely to stimulate the clitoris (the most important requirement for orgasm), some women even The movements are more sensuous. Experts have found that the easiest way to make a woman orgasm is oral sex, and vibrators can also help women achieve orgasm. Men should learn to use sex toys instead of hating them. Since they can make their other half happy, why not try to accept them?

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