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The erection of the penis is not normal, so that the purpose of sexual intercourse cannot be achieved, which is called "impotence". In ancient medical books, the term "impotence" is also known as "yin impotence", "muscle impotence" or "non-lifting". Many people think that impotence patients must look weak and sickly, but this is not the case. In fact, impotence does not have a good age, and it is not easy to find symptoms just from the appearance.

However, when taking the pulse, impotence patients often have a deficiency of the spleen and kidney. Observing their personality, they are usually weak and weak-willed. Although they are good at talking, they have different voices in their hearts, and they cannot truly sympathize with the kindness of others; many times, they are obviously locomotives, but they have to be polite because of their upbringing, and they become inconsistent. People, on the contrary, bring pressure to themselves. I think "inconsistency inside and outside, disharmony between yin and yang" is the main cause of impotence.

Can't get an erection? First clarify whether it is "organic" or "psychological"

People often use "uninflated balloons" and "completely 6:30" to describe impotence. Impotent men are not without sexual desire, but they cannot get an erection even if they have sexual desire, or the erection is soft but not hard, and even insertion is difficult. According to the cause of the disease, it can be divided into two categories: "organic" and "psychogenic".

Organic impotence, attributed to physiological causes, mainly occurs in patients with chronic diseases, congenital malformations or acquired injuries of the penis, and endocrine abnormalities. The most common clinical cause is diabetes, hypertension, and gout patients taking long-term medication; there are also people who have hardened or blocked blood vessels, resulting in too little blood flowing into the corpus cavernosum, which cannot be quickly congested. These are the main causes of organic impotence.

As for psychogenic impotence, it is attributed to psychological reasons, and there is no physical problem, but due to mental factors, the penis cannot be erected. The most common is the sudden occurrence of impotence under negative emotions such as unexpected changes, excessive sadness, discouragement, anxiety, depression, and fear. Organic and psychogenic impotence may also coexist. The treatment of such impotence patients requires more careful consultation and medication.

Improve impotence, female Chinese medicine teaches you "to make up for the symptoms"

When treating impotence in traditional Chinese medicine, it will try to "return the fire and return to the Yuan". At this time, it is necessary to use the drugs to invigorate the kidney and calm the mind, so that the yin and yang can be reconciled. I usually use Astragalus, Epimedium, Morinda officinalis, Cistanche deserticola, Deer Kidney, etc. for kidney-tonifying herbs, while keel and oyster are the herbs for calming the mind. In terms of diet, nuts, beans, red meat, white meat, seafood and other high protein are all needed Intake; as for zinc and selenium, these are important substances for synthesizing male hormones, and can also stabilize mood and strengthen immunity.

Foods with high zinc content: oysters, shrimps, beef, liver, eggs, wheat germ, sesame seeds, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, eggplant, kelp, white radish, etc.

Foods high in selenium: meat, offal, tuna, sardines, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, crab, sesame, garlic, corn, soybeans, asparagus, mushrooms, etc.

WildStud™ Maca Energy Coffee-natural erection supplements

【Nourishing Yin and Cooling Tonic】

Ingredients: 500cc fresh coconut water, 1 fresh scallop, 6 clams, 1 silkie chicken wing, a pinch of salt


  1. Rinse the scallops with water; wash the shells of the clams after spitting the sand; wash the silky chicken wings and cut them into 3 pieces.
  2. Put step 1 into a personal stew pot and fill with all the coconut water.
  3. Cover the stew pot, put it in a traditional electric pot and steam, add 1 cup of water to the outer pot.
  4. After the switch jumps, season with salt, mix well and serve hot.

Small reminder:

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black color enters the kidneys, and Black chicken is a holy nourishing product. Its amino acids are richer than ordinary chicken, which is very helpful for relieving fatigue. Because this dish is made for men with impotence, it would be better if you can buy hens.
  2. Dried scallops have sodium glutamate, which has always been regarded as a high-end product to replace MSG. Eating dried scallops can nourish kidney yin, nourish blood and qi, and prevent arteriosclerosis; as for clams, which nourish yin and moisten dryness, clam meat can enter liver and kidney, and contains taurine, protein, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients , but should not eat when diarrhea.
  3. Men who are prone to yang depression during intercourse are recommended to eat once a week; please note that although gout patients can eat it, they must avoid eating this dish during acute attacks!

【Four Seasons Spring】

Ingredients: 200 grams of green beans, 20 grams of Chinese toon, 20 grams of coriander, 30 grams of hard peanuts, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, a pinch of salt


  1. Wash the green beans, remove the head and tail, cut diagonally into about 3 cm long, blanch in boiling water and put into a large bowl.
  2. Wash the toon and coriander, chop them, put them in step 1, add all the seasonings and stir well.
  3. Sprinkle with hard peanuts at the end and serve.

Small reminder:

  1. Some impotence patients have weak stomach and body due to long-term diarrhea. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the spleen and stomach before improving male power. Green beans are good for the spleen and stomach, and are a good protein. In some seasons, long beans or ugly beans can be used instead. White vinegar is equivalent to an enzyme, and it can take care of the stomach when ingested in moderation.
  2. The vitamin C, phosphorus and iron of toona sinensis are first-class, and it also has the functions of cell repair, anti-oxidation, tumor cell inhibition, blood pressure lowering, blood sugar lowering, etc. It is known as the "green treasure". Coriander is coriander. In addition to improving flavor, it can also promote circulation and have aphrodisiac effect.

Couple drinking Wildstud coffee

【WildStud™ Maca Energy Coffee】

Wildstud maca energy coffee work right away,treating your erectile dysfunction . Take one sachet of the coffee ONE hour before indulging in sexual activity, ready to be astounded by the results.

 The Wildstud™ Coffee☕ is helpful for:

❗-Decrease in erectile dysfunction

❗-Decrease in stress 

❗-More pleasurable sex

❗-Increases sexual desire

❗-More regular and passionate orgasms 

❗-Increases energy and conducts a more energized workout.

Main Ingredients: three in one coffee milk food base powder (glucose syrup,

vegetable oil, cream, sodium caseinate, milk powder, dipotassium hydrogen

phosphate, mono - and diglycerol fatty acid esters, silica), white granulated

sugar, instant coffee powder, edible essence, edible salt), silkworm pupa,

ginseng (artificially planted for less than five years), deer whip (artificially

domesticated), oyster, Chinese wolfberry, polygonatum sibiricum, cinnamon,

Eucommia male flower, black truffle, silica,maca


What Makes Wildstud™ Maca Energy Coffee Different?

So what makes Wildstud™ Maca Energy Coffee different? For starters, it's made with a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. They give it a rich flavor and a caffeine boost. But that's not all.

Wildstud™ Maca Energy Coffee also contains an all-natural extract called Yohimbe. And Yohimbe is what helps to ideally increase blood flow to the penis, improve stamina, and boost your sex drive. So if you're actually looking for a way to boost your performance in the bedroom, Wildstud™ Maca Energy Coffee is definitely worth a try.


If the penis cannot be hardened or the hardness is too poor, it is likely to be suffering from impotence. In addition to improving the condition through diet or medicine, patients should pay attention to quitting smoking, drinking, masturbation, actively exercising, and maintaining a good attitude, which are of great help to the recovery of the disease.


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