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According to the Time report, the attention span of modern people can only be concentrated for 8 seconds, which is shorter than that of a goldfish, so many things require speed. But should our attitudes about sex be the same? Should sex be as fast as possible, like a porn movie, or should it be enjoyed slowly? Among all kinds of love skills, the speed and frequency of thrusting are very important. The following will provide practical knowledge and skills of sex, and quickly help the majority of men to take a crash course in sex!


Women emphasize regularity and persistence

Sexology expert Jacqui Olliver said that most women actually hope to perform in a comfortable posture with a stable speed, because a regular and long-lasting rhythm can better maintain emotions and feelings, making the orgasm feel ready to go. If your partner's poor technique causes discomfort, or the constant shifting of positions interrupts the sense of continuity, then no amount of pumping or kicking will help.


Gender and age affect preferences

Many people think that women mostly prefer slow sex, while men prefer a faster pace. But surprisingly, according to the survey, 31.7% of women actually prefer a faster pace, a full 11% higher than only 20% of men. In addition, half of the men and women in the survey think that the interlaced fast and slow thrusting frequency is the best. It's not just gender, the survey also found that age affects the average person's preference for the speed of intercourse. For example, men and women under the age of 35 prefer fast-paced sex; men and women over the age of 35 prefer slower sex.


So is there an optimal speed?

In fact, there is no so-called best speed. Most people like to alternate between fast and slow, such as fast when passionate and slow when relaxed, but preferences may also vary according to the mood of the day or the degree of excitement. Therefore, everyone must accept that there is no standard answer. Everyone likes the pace differently. It is not right to speed up or slow down. The point is to respect and communicate with each other in order to get the best sex experience.

9 Tips to Master the Fast and the Furious

Couples can try different thrusting modes to see which one is the most favorite and acceptable to each other. Here are nine practical methods for your reference:


  1. The first impression is the most important: the first few strokes at the beginning impress women the most, so special attention should be paid, don't be rampant at the beginning, but remember to be fully lubricated, and act after both of you are in the state.


  1. At the beginning, it’s easier to understand in shallow ways:the most sensitive part of a man’s penis is the lower edge of the glans, while the most sensitive part of a woman is in the front of the vagina, so shallow sexual intercourse will make both parties more sensitive.


  1. It is more comfortable to go deep into the situation:If the woman is very into the situation, deep intercourse is very comfortable, because it will produce more intense stimulation to the clitoris and labia. In addition, the stimulation of the cervix by in-depth sexual intercourse can also make women have different orgasms.


  1. Mix and match to prolong sexual intercourse:If you want to prolong sexual intercourse, you should avoid fast and shallow sexual intercourse, because it will easily overstimulate men and cause premature ejaculation. Only by mixing shades and speeds can it last longer.



  1. Doggy style with the wide open door: When trying to change the speed, the most convenient position is the doggy style (Doggy style), because this position will make the girl's pussy fully exposed.


  1. The missionary position is always the most stable: the general missionary position (Missionary) not only makes women feel comfortable and stable, but also very convenient when trying to change the speed.


  1. Imagine yourself riding a horse:After entering, you can move slowly like riding a horse to form a regular rhythm.


  1. Charge and retreat:imagine the penis is like diving, diving into the deepest part of the vagina in one breath, and then withdrawing completely. However, the premise of using this technique is that the woman's vagina should be sufficiently lubricated.


  1. Eagle raid: This method is only applicable when the other party is very passionate. The method is to imagine that you are an eagle, hovering above your partner, waiting for the target, just like an eagle catching its prey, and entering suddenly.

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