Scenes, props, sex tricks! 5 Sex Tips to Make Christmas Eve More Exciting

This year's Christmas Eve happens to be on a Sunday, so the editor has to rush to tutor and do some homework beforehand!


The end of the year, weekends, and Christmas celebrations, in such an atmosphere and season, it is most suitable to create a holiday-style sex! That is to say, in a stress-free state of mind, coupled with the happy atmosphere brought by Christmas, you will have an unexpected and exciting night.


Next, the editor will teach you five scheming skills, from scenes, locations, foreplay to molesting secrets, hurry up and take notes!



Christmas scheming 1: Context matters! Quietly open the "window" of lust

Maybe you're used to closing the doors and windows every time you have sex. So tonight, try to slightly open that window, and then playfully close the curtains!


The cool wind blowing over your bare skin, and the expectation that the neighbors will probably hear your sexy moans; your red-faced rubbing, kissing, banging, etc., will arouse your delicate sensitive nerves. The son is excited and frantic!


This is because there will be a slight fear of being spied on in your heart, which will prompt the accelerated secretion of adrenaline. Imagine the provocative scene of the curtain being slightly blown up, hey, hurry up and learn it!



Christmas scheming 2: Unexpected! His erogenous zone longs to be explored

Reminds me of when I was a child, when I went to a hair salon to cut my hair or let someone wash it, did you always feel numb and comfortable when the designer gently pulled it? This is because our scalp contains a large number of peripheral nerves; and the touch between skin and skin can also catalyze the production of hormones.


So, next time, use a little caution, massage his scalp while the other party is watching TV or doing other things, and then gently touch the back and thighs of the sensitive zone along the way... Next, just wait The other party throws you down!



Christmas scheming 3: some props! Ice cube caressing techniques you should know

At the end of the cold year, are the ice cubes stored in the refrigerator useless? Try using a few ice cubes to activate your erotic nerves after taking a hot bath to warm up your body!


The chill and stimulation of the ice cubes will wake up the skin and give you a sense of numb stimulation, and this message will be transmitted to your brain along the central nervous system, creating extreme desire.


The editor suggests that if you want to use this kind of more exciting flirting items, you should proceed slowly to test whether the other party can bear it. Try starting along her/his buttocks and thighs, which are more sensitive than nipples, penis, etc. If her/his expression and body show don't stop, then absolutely don't stop!



Christmas scheming 4: Love in another place! Sofa Scenes Are Sexier Than You Think

Compared with getting up, the space of the sofa is smaller, and it may not usually be the place where you make love. But it is the sense of limitation and roughness it gives people, which will let you be slightly provoked to challenge the pleasure of taboos! Such as the association between the seat and the classroom, or the association with the wild sex.(Wildstud™ Maca Energy Coffee: The Natural Erection Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction


And in this limited space, you will also have a closer touch! It is suggested that you can try the female upper position at this time. The woman leans down and kisses his mouth, ears and neck at the right time; the man hugs her while stroking her back or breasts.


This position will allow for effortless stimulation of the woman's clitoris and allow you to penetrate deeply into each other while gazing and embracing each other! At this point, you may be thinking, how can I not come twice tonight!


Christmas scheming 5: controlled sex! Love with a little pain is more beautiful

Finally, it is recommended that special celebration nights should also have some rough sex!


As a saying goes: "The most touching thing about sex is losing yourself and learning to surrender." Try to surrender and submit to the party who is always in the upper hand in personality or in your relationship.


Like lifting her/his shoulders slightly, before throwing her/him whole on the bed, you will bring out the most raw and masochistic side of the other person! Then, try to nibble the other person's lower lip, chest and nipples while kissing; or gently pull the other person's hair (note that the pubic hair area is too sensitive, don't try it lightly!), which will make her/him feel irritated between pain and itching. The thrill of bullying.


Of course, the editor still wants to give a little reminder: no matter what new tricks you want to try, the original intention is to establish or enhance mutual trust and intimacy! Therefore, be sure to have a little loving communication before the trip, so that the other party can fully deliver themselves to you.


Next, just enjoy your Christmas Eve to the fullest!

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