What to do if you have no libido? 11 ways to regain vitality and avoid taking medicine

Normal people have a desire or drive, but sometimes, we all suddenly find ourselves lacking in it. Although lack of libido is not necessarily a problem, if you want to have sex but still have trouble getting an erection, then be sure to read on. Here are 10 ways to increase libido without taking medicine.


1. Focus on foreplay to sublimate sex

Once you have tasted the sweetness of the fruit, you will always want to taste it again. Similarly, having a better sexual experience will make you want to make love more and your sexual desire will increase greatly. Spending time with petting, kissing, oral sex, or even using sex toys are all ways to enhance your overall sexual experience. Unsurprisingly, for women, foreplay is more important. Only 18% of women achieve orgasm without foreplay sex, and about 34% of women said that they must have clitoral stimulation to make them orgasm .


2. Regular exercise boosts libido

Regular exercise boosts libido in every way. For example, men undergoing Androgen-deprivation therapy, ADT, which is a common treatment for prostate cancer, must face the symptoms of Low testosterone, and studies have found that exercise can help these men to better deal with self-identity , loss of libido and relationship changes and other major problems, to make up for the problem of insufficient testosterone.

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3. Healthy Weight Gain Confidence

Some scholars believe that obesity is highly related to loss of libido, and even related to decreased fertility. The main factor is from hormones, such as low testosterone concentration. People who are overweight will also have less confidence in their bodies, causing psychological pressure and relatively affecting libido. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight can effectively maintain a person's vitality and libido, both psychologically and physically.


4. Build confidence and have fun


Whether you have confidence in your body will affect how you feel about sex. For example, unhealthy diet or lack of exercise will lead to bad posture, which will damage your self-confidence and affect your desire for sex. It is suggested that instead of paying attention to one's own shortcomings, it is better to focus on one's own efforts, or to fully focus on the pleasure of sex.


5. Drink in moderation and don’t forget to quit smoking

A glass of red wine a day can help us relax and make us more eager for intimacy, but excessive alcohol can affect erectile function and even prevent people from orgasm. Smoking can cause cardiovascular problems and affect sexual function. Addicts also find that after successfully quitting smoking, their physical strength and libido increase significantly.


6. Make time for meditation to reduce stress

When the pressure is too great, even if the body is healthy, the libido will be affected, and women are especially prone to stress, which in turn affects libido and sex life. Relatively speaking, boys are more likely to use sex to relieve stress. Help reduce stress with things like meditation, yoga, or getting outdoors, and you'll see your libido improve over time.


7. Get enough sleep to avoid being too tired

Busy modern people always lack sleep. The busy life reduces the time for sex, which in turn causes the loss of libido; and lack of sleep can cause hormone imbalance, including some sex hormones. In addition, taking care of the elderly or children will also make people feel tired and lack sexual interest. Therefore, timely supplementation of sleep and avoiding overwork can improve the problem of low libido.


8. Relationships are the foundation of love

If you quarrel with your partner, you must not be in the mood for love. Women pay more attention to the emotional connection in sex, so before the dispute is resolved, your sex life will definitely be affected, so please communicate with your partner well, otherwise not only sex Life will be affected and relationships will gradually deteriorate.


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10. Satisfaction with seeking sexual treatment is good

The factors for loss of libido are complex, including physical and psychological aspects. However, even if a person has physical symptoms, it does not mean that the improvement of the psychological level is not helpful. Therefore, through the guidance of a sex therapist, there will be certain effects. A study of women also showed that just 4 sessions of Mindfulness-based Cognitive behavioral therapy improved overall sexuality, including libido, drive, and sexual satisfaction.


11. Find ways to combat anxiety

Anxiety is a common cause of decreased sexual function or libido in both men and women. Anxiety may come from life-threatening or sexual-related stress. Several ways mentioned above can help reduce anxiety, including: maintaining good sleep habits, exercising regularly, maintaining a good relationship, finding a sex therapist, and others such as eating a balanced diet, cultivating and spending time on hobbies, etc. Effectively reduce anxiety and promote mental health.


For the above suggestions, the situation of each person or each couple is different, so it needs to be tested one by one patiently. I believe that the reason for the loss of libido will be found out. It is worth mentioning that if the lack of libido occurs due to emotional problems phenomenon, then taking Viagra and other drugs will not help your sex life.

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