How to improve sexual performance? 6 cardio workouts to boost your libido

It is a commonplace that regular exercise is good for health, because exercise can not only reduce the attack rate of chronic diseases, but also improve the quality of sexual life. Many studies have pointed out that regular exercise can reduce the probability of erectile dysfunction in men and reduce sexual dysfunction in women In addition, the Journal of Sexual Medicine's research also found that high-intensity aerobic exercise can improve the sexual function, libido and endurance of men and women.


Exercise helps sex, both men and women are effective

Modern people mostly follow a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle can lead to Obesity and other physical health problems, and according to sexual medicine expert Lauren Streicher: "Regardless of men and women, the healthier people usually have better sexual function, because almost all diseases will affect normal sexual function or the ability to be sexually aroused.”


And exercise is a natural Will steel for men. No one should doubt that, but for women, it is less talked about. In fact, according to the explanation of sex therapist Laura Berman: "Any way that helps cardiovascular function, All can contribute to the response and feeling of sexual love. The healthier the blood flow and blood vessels, the better the response to sexual arousal.” In addition, Boman also mentioned that blood flow is the key to female sexual arousal or orgasm. Sufficient The blood flow of the blood will increase the hyperemia, stimulation and lubrication of the sexual organs, which will of course greatly add points to the overall sexual life. Therefore, all methods to improve cardiovascular health can effectively add points to sex. Of course, aerobic exercise is the best one of the ways.

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6 Exercises That Improve Performance

In addition to improving strength, flexibility and endurance, aerobic exercise can also improve the quality of sexual life. The following will introduce you to 6 exercises that can help sex.


1. Kegel exercise prevents premature ejaculation and helps orgasm


This exercise can exercise Pelvic Floor Muscle. In addition to improving urinary incontinence, it can also help women tighten the vagina, avoid vaginal relaxation, and achieve a more satisfying orgasm. Men can avoid premature ejaculation by doing Kegel exercises.


The exercise method is very simple. Imagine the action of actively suspending urination, tighten the pelvic floor muscles (pause urination), and after 3 seconds, relax for 3 seconds. This is 1 time, and 10 times is 1 group. It is recommended to do at least 3 groups a day train. As the muscle strength increases, the time for each muscle contraction can be increased to achieve a better training effect.


However, studies have shown that nearly half of people may make mistakes. Generally speaking, if a woman puts her finger into the vagina, she should feel pulled up, while a man will feel the penis lifted if he does it right.


2. Retraining muscles also increases libido


Weight training can help increase muscle mass, and the increased muscle and strength in all areas can increase strength and endurance during sex. In addition, heavy training can also promote the body to secrete Testosterone, which is the key hormone for men to have sexual desire.


3. Aerobic exercise to train the heart and lungs


Any exercise that raises your heart rate and makes you feel wheezy increases blood flow, which can be great for sex, such as brisk walking, freewheeling, or running. As mentioned above, aerobic exercise increases blood flow , not only can reduce the probability of male erectile dysfunction, but also can improve women's sexual excitement.


4. Swimming promotes blood flow for youthfulness


Scholars have found that people who are about 60 years old and used to swimming can be as active in their sex life as they are 40 years old. In addition, in addition to improving blood flow, swimming can also enhance endurance, improve flexibility and strength, reduce stress, and help them have a better sex life. In addition, the effect of weight loss can also prevent a decrease in libido and prevent erectile dysfunction .


5. Core and abdominal exercises must be done


Almost any exercise requires the use of the core muscles, of course, including exercise on the bed. The abdominal and core muscles are the most commonly used muscles in sex. Plank, sit-ups, Crunch, etc., are all good movements.


6. Pelvic Thrust, also known as hip lift


Put your feet, hands, upper back and head on the ground, lift your buttocks up, stay for 2 seconds and then put them down, repeat 8-12 times, a total of 3-4 groups, this action can exercise the gluteus maximus, calves, and hamstrings Muscles (the hamstrings), which can improve overall endurance and flexibility, play an important role whether you prefer the traditional missionary or female-on-man-down position.


In addition to being helpful to the sexual life at the physical level, the above exercises also have the effect of sculpting the body shape. When the body is firmer and leaner, people's self-image or self-confidence will improve, which is indispensable in ideal sex life. missing link. In addition, although exercise can improve the quality of sexual life, experts remind that if you have more serious problems such as pain during sexual intercourse, it is recommended to seek professional consultation from a doctor to evaluate whether treatment is needed. Exercise should be used as an auxiliary method of health care, not a treatment.



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