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When it comes to the topic of weight loss, this is definitely the favorite of female friends. Many people even regard wearing size S and size XS as their goal of losing weight. Although weight loss is important, if you can lose weight without exercising, it is excellent. 


Under the influence of this kind of thinking, a lot of health foods that claim to be able to slim down have been born out of nowhere.


These weight-loss drugs will advertise their unique curative effects when they are advertised, either they can inhibit fat absorption, suppress appetite, and some even claim to increase the body’s metabolism...the products have so many functions that people are dazzled.


Today we are going to share the three most popular weight-loss artifacts: L-carnitine, black coffee and weight-loss drugs. Let us take a look at whether they are really effective for weight loss.

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Is L-carnitine useful for weight loss?

I believe that many people have heard that "L-carnitine" can help lose weight, but they don't know what it is and how to use it. Today we will take a look at what L-carnitine is.


What is L-Carnitine?


In fact, L-carnitine is not a mystery. It is an amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. Red meat and dairy products are the main sources of L-carnitine.


More than 80% of the L-carnitine in the human body is ingested through daily diet, but in general, people can only ingest 50 mg per day from meals (even less for vegetarians). When the human body does not get enough, the body will use lysine and methionine to make its own supplements.



Studies have shown that L-carnitine plays an important role in the process of transporting fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane. Compared with exercise, after taking it, it can help specific groups of people achieve a higher level of exercise performance.


This is the reason why L-carnitine will be vigorously promoted as a weight-loss product that promotes fat metabolism.


Can L-carnitine really help you lose weight?


Supplementing L-carnitine can affect fat oxidation, improve the status of lipid metabolism, and complete the oxidation of fatty acids. L-carnitine combined with exercise can significantly improve the synthesis activity of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) during exercise.


However, L-carnitine, as a transport tool for mitochondria to burn fat, will only be useful when a large amount of physical energy is consumed. If there is no participation in exercise, no matter how much L-carnitine you eat, it will have no effect.


The focus of L-carnitine weight loss is to consume the body's energy, activate mitochondria to oxidize and burn fat cells, and accelerate the decomposition of triglycerides. When inositol and glucose in muscles are consumed in large quantities, the body will begin to decompose triglycerides Glycerides for energy supplementation.


L-carnitine can only be regarded as a vehicle with oxidative effects in the body, and has no direct fat burning function. Its fat burning is passive. To use L-carnitine to lose weight, it must be combined with exercise and diet control The effect can only be achieved after the body reaches the objective conditions.


Is coffee useful for weight loss?

Speaking of the role of coffee, there are too many, such as reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Coffee can indeed help you lose weight under certain circumstances, but you have to drink the right coffee at the right time.


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Only Black Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight


Coffee weight loss drink is pure black coffee. Black coffee without added calories is actually very low, and intake will not add extra calories to the body.


But some people will add condiments such as coffee mate, milk, sugar, and even chocolate chips to it because of personal habits or taste requirements... In this case, even the best black coffee loses its weight loss effect.


Drinking 30 minutes before exercise is the most effective?


According to a study in the "International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism", athletes who consume a moderate amount of caffeine before starting training can burn 15% more calories than usual within 3 hours after exercising. It can be seen that exercising after drinking black coffee has a relatively significant fat-burning effect.


It should be noted that although drinking black coffee will reduce exercise fatigue and enhance endurance to a certain extent, thereby increasing energy consumption, the above test results are produced by professional athletes. For ordinary people, after drinking coffee, burn There may still be some errors in the fat effect.



Therefore, the premise of drinking coffee to help lose weight is: already on the premise of a healthy diet, in the case of creating a calorie gap, drink black coffee 30 minutes before exercising, and then do exercises that can burn fat.


Too much coffee is good too!


Although coffee is good, it should be stopped in moderation. The upper limit of caffeine intake for each person is about body weight × 3 (mg), basically 2 cups of coffee a day is the upper limit.


If you drink a drink containing more than 500mg of caffeine (equivalent to 2 cups of Starbucks extra large coffee) within 6 hours, you may experience side effects such as caffeine discomfort, irritability, anxiety, irritability, palpitations, nausea and other symptoms.


Excessive intake may even induce hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, metabolic acidosis, rhabdomyolysis, hypotension, tachycardia, arrhythmia and other problems.


Therefore, students who want to lose weight by drinking coffee must drink the right coffee in the right way.


Are weight loss pills useful?

Many people are curious, weight loss pills have been complained about, why are so many people still using them?


In fact, this is the reason why people don’t want to exercise and want to lose weight. Generally, drugs that are effective for weight loss are prescription drugs. They have relatively strict indication requirements and need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. They cannot be bought and eaten casually!



Weight-loss drugs are often only used as supplements for people who are morbidly obese (such as BMI > 30) and who cannot lose 5% of their body weight within 3-6 months after adjusting their living habits, and the medication cycle should not exceed 3-6 months moon.


What are the harms of diet pills to the body?


Due to the relationship of metabolic pathways, diet pills can cause some damage to the liver and kidneys. Diet pills generally start from three aspects: increasing oil excretion, promoting metabolism, and reducing appetite. Moreover, this kind of control that forces the body to "prevent in advance" in most cases "lose" muscle first, not fat loss.


Compared with the mechanism of "forced oil discharge" in the method of oil discharge and promoting metabolism, weight loss drugs that "suppress appetite" will have an effect on the central nervous system.


If your own appetite comes from psychological stress, and you are still taking psychotropic drugs, or you like to drink alcohol, weight loss drugs are likely to interact with these drugs, affect your mood, and even cause more problems.


Effects of Additives in Weight Loss Pills


Sibutramine added to diet pills is an appetite suppressant that acts on the central nervous system, and it is also a common illegal additive with extremely low production costs.


Studies have found that taking sibutramine can cause unbearable thirst, headache, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, memory loss and other adverse reactions, as well as the risk of serious cardiovascular disease.


What are the safe weight loss pills?


Of course, not all weight-loss drugs are prohibited and illegal, and there are still legal weight-loss drugs, such as the most easily available over-the-counter weight-loss drug-orlistat.


The role of this product, which is popular among female users, is also very clear: it acts on the intestines and prevents the absorption of fats in the intestines by inhibiting lipase. 30% of the fat eaten cannot be absorbed by the intestines and is directly excreted from the body.



Yes, only 30% of the fat will not be absorbed, and it basically has no effect on people who prefer a light diet. The most important thing is that it is only effective on the fat you eat, and has no effect on the body's inherent fat.


Moreover, studies have shown that the effect of taking the over-the-counter version of Orlistat (that is, Alli, each containing 60 mg of Orlistat) is only about 1 to 2 kg more than purely adjusting diet and strengthening exercise. .


At the same time, it should be noted that because orlistat has the effect of hindering the absorption of fat in food, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins may also be affected.


Even if the benefits are limited, the side effects of orlistat are also a problem that it has been difficult to overcome.


After taking it, in addition to embarrassing problems such as flatulence, steatorrhea, and uncontrollable bowel movements, there will also be "oil leakage" (oil may leak out when you are not farting), and if you are not careful, you will make a fool of yourself in public!

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WildStud™ L-carnitine Coffee

This supplement helps the body break down fat and burn calories more effectively. In addition, Wildstud™ L-carnitine is a natural weight loss supplement that helps people lose weight and improve their overall health. Wildstud™ L-carnitine helps you burn more calories by increasing your metabolic rate. This means that you can expend more energy during the day, which will help you lose weight. Wildstud™ L-carnitine can also help reduce hunger cravings by improving your mood and stress levels. This will make it more easier for you to stick to a diet and resist temptation.

Wildstud™ L-carnitine can also be very perfect in helping you stay on track with your diet plan by helping you to feel more energetic and motivated. This will make it more easier for you to avoid eating high-calorie foods and maintain your weight loss goals. When adequately combined with a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine, Wildstud™ L-carnitine can help reduce body fat by up to 2% while helping to increase energy levels. L-carnitine help to improve overall health by helping to improve heart health, diabetes control, and even cognitive function. Wildstud™ L-carnitine is a natural weight loss supplement that has been proven to help people lose weight. It works accurately by helping the body burn more calories which also helps to increase energy levels, which in turn help with weight loss.

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