One article understands L -carnitine: Can it reduce fat after eating?

L -carnitine little knowledge


L-Carnitine, I believe many people have heard or understand more or less, including the author who has encountered a fitness coach recommendation when going to the gym to exercise. Is L-Carnitine so amazing? Is it helpful for weight loss? Let's talk about it in detail today.


First of all, get to know L -carnitine


1. What is L -carnitine?


Carnitine, also known as botox, vitamin BT. There are many forms of botox: DL-type, L-type, hydrochloride, etc. L-type is L-carnitine. L-carnitine is white powder crystal, which has strong hygroscopicity. The melting point is 197 to 198 ° C. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol, and chemical stability.


2. What are the physiological effects it?


L -carnitine is not a drug. It exists in natural foods. As far as its physiological function is concerned, fat loss/reduction of weight is not the most important. At present, L -carnitine has many proposals in the medical community. The main role is:


  1. Promote fatty acid β-oxidation


The main function of L-carnitine is to transfer long-chain fatty acids from mitochondrial membrane to the membrane in the form of lipoprotidine as a carrier, and perform β-oxidation in the mitochondria to promote the normal progress of the cycle carboxylic acid cycle and help the cells complete the normal normal Physiological function and energy metabolism. Popularly speaking, it is responsible for transporting fatty acids to mitochondria for decomposition.


  1. Anti -fatigue function


Some animal experiments have shown that L -carnitine can significantly extend the time to swim the mouse and have anti -fatigue effects. The mechanism is mainly due to L -carnitine to increase the myoglobe reserves, reduce the glycogen consumption, inhibit lactic acid production, accelerate lactic acid after exercise, and accelerate lactic acid. It is related to the removal of urea nitrogen, thereby delaying sports fatigue.


  1. Detoxification


Merxine can participate in the transportation of branches of amino acid metabolic products, thereby promoting the normal metabolism of the branches of amino acids. L -carnitine can discharge excess or irrational gyhlin group in the body to remove the metabolic toxicity caused by the accumulation of the body, which can also promote the oxidation of acetyl acid, and play a role The ammonia produces toxicity, which can be used as a biological antioxidant to remove free radicals, maintain membrane stability, improve the ability of animals to immunity and anti -stress.


  1. Other physiological effects


L -carnitine and acetyl L -carnitine can be used to treat weak sperm, which can significantly increase the total number of motion sperm sperm and mobility sperm in each ejaculation, increase the clinical pregnancy rate of women, and be safe and effective. Studies have shown that the absorption of L -carnitine on fat -soluble vitamins and calcium and phosphorus also has a certain effect. Add L -carnitine to the abdominal transparency fluid. On the one hand, it can improve a series of symptoms caused by the lack of carnitine in patients with uremia. At the same time, the long -term high sugar effects of peritoneal peritoneal cells can be improved to see the proliferation of peritoneal cells, reducing high sugar -induced peritoneal membrane See the apoptosis.


Can L -carnitine reduce fat?

Or is it good for fat loss?

In the cell, the basic function of L -carnitine is to transfer fatty acids from mitochondria to mitochondrial endometrium as a carrier. In long -term, large -intensity exercise, L -carnitine increased the oxidation rate of fat, reduced glycogen consumption, and delayed fatigue. Because fatty acids (and other energy substances) can only oxidize and release energy in mitochondria, fatty acids outside the mitochondria cannot be oxidized and released. Therefore, this is easy to give people an illusion, as if L -carnitine is the key to oxidation of fatty acids. In fact, L -carnitine is just a carrier. As for how much fat consumes, it does not depend on L -carnitine. For example, the bricks needed for building buildings are transported by car, but how many bricks need to be built do not depend on the car, but depend on the structure and size of the building.


In this case, is the existing and considerable number of studies show that the result of the performance of the left carrine can improve the performance of the movement? of course not.


L -carnitine targets human clinical trials and has positive effects. Generally there are three elements:


  1. Long-term and large doses of L-carnitine tonic (2-6g daily);


  1. The experimental object is BMI> 30 obese crowds;


  1. Only in cooperation with exercise (aerobic) can we play a weight loss effect in the statistical sense.


Pump any of them, and the active experimental results generally disappear, such as:


  1. For female studies for overweight (BMI> 25), [2], no matter whether it does not cooperate with aerobic exercise, L -carnitine has no effect on weight loss;


  1. Under the dose of 14 days in a row and 4g daily, the content of L -carnitine in the blood in the blood of the subject has not changed significantly, and the movement function has not improved [3];


  1. In order to increase the catheine content in the blood in the statistical sense, it is necessary to take a high dose for at least 6 months [4]; and after stopping additional intake, the caramel content in the blood will slowly reduce to the original to the original level;


  1. With no exercise, taking L -carnitine alone will not have any effect on weight loss.


From this perspective, like most legal weight loss pills, the greater the weight, the more pathological, the better the effect of the drug.



How to eat L -carnitine?

  1. L -carnitine in the diet mainly exists in animal foods, especially red meat foods. The high content is lamb, chicken, rabbit meat, animal liver, etc. , Asparagus, lemon, etc.


  1. In the case of normal diet, the daily L -carnitine is generally not more than 200 mg. If you take the oral L -carnitine supplement, do not take more than 2G daily; exceeding this boundary, it is prone to gastric discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and even the taste of the body with odor fish [5];


  1. Taking it with carbohydrates can significantly increase absorption efficiency. Studies have shown that the optimal carbohydrates are about 80-94g [6]. The most practical method is to eat it after meals;


  1. In theory, long -term use of L -carnitine is not bad for health, but it may cause mild physiological dependence and abstinence reactions.


It is also very important. When buying L -carnitine supplements, pay attention to the purity of the L -carnitine; the most common impurities are right -rotating carrine. Although its biological activity is low, when taking L -carnitine, it will be taken with L -carnitine, which will be taken, and it will be taken with L -carnitine. Cancellation of L -carnitine, causing muscle weakness and reduced strength.


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L -carnitine does have a certain positive effect on fat loss, but it is not suitable for everyone. For obese people, or those who have regular exercise training can reflect its value, and it is not recommended to use it for ordinary people. Essence

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