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Both men and women have the right to enjoy sex, legal couples, sex is quite a matter of course. But there are skills in sex, men and women have skills in bed! Legal couples, don't cover your face and don't be shy, come and learn about sex tips. A harmonious sex life between husband and wife can also help sublimate emotions.


Sex strategy sharing

Sexual life is basically an exercise that every couple of men and women will have at night. Women's four points (clitoris, vagina and two nipples) are very sensitive. If you give appropriate tactile stimulation at the same time, you can easily achieve orgasm. For these women, this is a rare gift.


  1. Take the initiative


When a woman takes the initiative once in a while, it will make him feel that you are very charming and attractive. Men sometimes like to watch women take the initiative. Maybe it is more slutty? If a woman does this to any man, then it is debauchery, but only to him, that is the debauchery he likes.


  1. Willing to try something new


The unchanging posture makes you more and more feel that you are doing radio gymnastics during sex, and you have lost the normal fun, so women should try some fresh postures. A fresh position will bring a fresh feel to your sex and rekindle the passion between you.


  1. Take the initiative to express your feelings


Now that you have done it, it will be more beneficial for you to experience sex better next time by taking the initiative to tell your feelings. When you feel happy, you can take the initiative to tell the other party how you feel now, which can completely enhance your pleasant experience , You can also let the other party know that you like this action. Sex is the best way to make both parties feel happy.


  1. Appropriate shouting


Don’t think that men like the horrible sound of screaming. Exaggerated shouting will only make the other party think that you may be pretending. Many men have expressed that they like to hear women’s natural screaming, or sometimes rapid panting. It will make them feel very excited.


  1. Don't be too twitchy


Although Chinese people have a very open attitude towards sex, there are still many girls who are very shy, and they are still coy after they have gone to bed. Enjoy the joy of fish and water in bed.


  1. Show yourself elegantly


Men like women who are in the living room and in the kitchen, and they prefer women who are ladylike in front of outsiders and open in bed. However, it doesn't mean that a man is willing to see a woman on the bed disregarding her as if she has been drugged. Appropriate, a little shy, a little generous, tell him to fall in love with you more and more, why worry about not having sex?


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  1. It feels better to light up the lights


A study published in the journal "Archives of Sexual Behavior" found that not only men pay attention to visual stimuli during sex, but women also receive visual stimuli. You can turn on the lights and open your eyes before and after sex, which helps both parties to observe each other's reactions when communicating. Having sex in front of the mirror, or watching a passionate movie during sex, can help to enhance the passion of both parties.


  1. The party who holds the power of sex


The traditional concept holds that husband and wife should be equal to each other in sex, but the new concept proposes that the power of sex can be controlled by one spouse, as long as both husband and wife can obtain satisfaction and pleasure from sex. If you find it boring to have sex in your bedroom all the time, try another room. For example, kitchen, living room, bathroom and balcony. However, safety must be done first.


  1. Be shy and more passionate at the right time


If you are already familiar with each other and have no secrets about sex, you might as well try to change your style suddenly. Think about how you accepted his affectionate request with a blushing face back then. Being so shy will definitely make him feel aroused. A guy can gently ask her if she can cuddle and watch a porn movie together.


  1. Carry each other's bodies from time to time


Body massage before intercourse, which helps the body relax and arouse excitement. When massaging, you can use sex tools, which can not only relax the massage, but also play the role of aphrodisiac and sexual aid. With the help of some classic and elegant medium-sized vibrators, they have a delicate touch, smooth shape, and ergonomic design, which can bring infinite joy and comfort to people during massage. Girls should not rush to take off their clothes during foreplay, but they should not be overly conservative, as looming is the biggest fatal point of men. Such as wearing a sexy nightdress, adding a pair of black stockings, or a slightly transparent white shirt + high heels, are good choices.


Four comfortable sex positions

First, Doggy style


In fact, most girls are keen on the doggy style, and men also like this sexual position, because they feel that the doggy style is more fulfilling and more exciting. The girl is for a deeper experience, and the doggy style can go deeper and hit the uterus directly. As long as she kneels on the bed or lies on the edge of the bed, and then enters gently, this position is easier to achieve orgasm, the only regret is that it reduces the feeling of intimacy.


Second, Lotus position


Sometimes sex life also requires female friends to control the overall situation. Lotus position is the behavior of women mastering posture. As long as the partner sits quietly, the woman will sit directly on the partner's body, and the body swing will make both parties reach orgasm .

Third, side-by-side


Third, side-by-side


In fact, this posture is similar to the rear-entry style. The female friend lies directly on the bed, and the partner starts to exercise by half-kneeling or lying on the female body. In fact, this posture seems to have no motivation , but in fact it is full of stamina and allows you to slowly grow to the peak. This is a fighting method that is slowly accumulated and makes you ecstasy.


Fourth, superimposed


Which sex positions are the most comfortable? You can also try the human-level style. As long as the partner is lying down, the woman directly straddles it, and let the way of lying on the back enter the up and down thrust. Remember To hold each other tightly when you lose your love, otherwise it is easy to fall down.

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