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Even if the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, as time goes by, even if they share the same bed every night, the frequency of sex will gradually decrease. In addition to objective factors such as work or health, there is another point that two people are too familiar with each other's routines and lack excitement. In an article published on the "Your Tango" website in the United States, some sexologists gave some professional advice on how to enhance sexual pleasure.


  1. If you want to have fun together, you must first enjoy yourself. When two people do not have strong sexual pleasure, it is a good way to masturbate for a month first. Practice self-arousal, self-foreplay, and self-orgasm. Explore your erogenous zones more, so as to know where you most desire and what kind of stimulation, knowing yourself and the enemy can make your happiness upgrade.

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  1. Use the sense of touch. Physical contact is the foundation of sex, and it's a pity that many of us don't know how to use our hands to give our partners pleasure. Taking the time to learn couples massage and erotic triggering techniques will turn on more pleasure switches. Your partner's body only belongs to you. Touch every inch of your partner's skin with your hands, and feel the touch of your hands and the reaction of the other party at all times. Your hands are each other's best sex toys, and you can use them in a variety of ways.


  1. Learn to ask questions. If you want to become a "master of bed skills", you need to study with humility, be diligent in practice, and always pay attention to your partner's voice and movements. If you don't know whether you are doing it well, you can ask your partner questions, such as "which action do you like best", "when kissing you, should you cooperate with your hands", etc. But during and immediately after sex, be sure not to ask your partner how you are doing. After a few hours, both of you can relax before discussing and communicating.


  1. Women are preferred. Sometimes there is a time gap between two people's orgasms, the man has already reached the orgasm, and the woman is still halfway, unable to be satisfied. In this case, the man might as well give the female partner some external stimulation before sexual intercourse, such as caressing and licking her nipples and clitoris. Without the pressure of orgasm, you can experience the pleasure of sex more and ensure the satisfaction of both parties.


  1. Multi-layer communication. Perfect sex is not just a skin-to-skin relationship, but also includes multi-level exchanges of psychology and soul. If you and your partner are one with multiple levels, the pleasure and ecstasy of sex will be beyond imagination. In addition, the environmental layout should also be multi-faceted. Putting a soft and smooth sheet on the bed, lighting a candle with essential oil in the room, wearing a translucent underwear, and playing a piece of tender music will mobilize your various sensory organs.


  1. Focus on pleasure. Many times, when women fully reveal their bodies on the bed, they worry that their bodies are not perfect and whether their partners like them. These worries are all obstacles to pleasure. Sexologists suggest that women should pay more attention to their own feelings during sex. Close your eyes, eliminate external interference, and concentrate on experiencing the internal sensations of your body. Sexual confidence will improve once you realize the abundance of pleasure that can flow from every part of your body.


  1. Women should take the initiative. For men, the other half is passionate about sex and actively trying new ways of playing in bed. Such a female partner is the most attractive. The bed is not the place to be a lady. A woman might as well be the dominator once in a while on the bed, take the initiative to push her male partner into bed, give him warm foreplay, and take the initiative to try new positions. Your dominance on the bed will surprise him.


  1. Share chores. Many women complain that they go to work during the day, go home to take care of their children to do housework, and are too tired to have sex. The man should be more considerate at this time, send her a caring greeting text message during the day, take on more housework when he gets home, and help her coax the children. A man's thoughtfulness is a kind of foreplay, which not only reduces the burden on his female partner, but also makes him more enthusiastic about you in bed.


  1. Change places. Always develop habitual movements on the bed, which makes sex boring over time. You can occasionally change places, such as the kitchen at home, using tables and chairs; or in the bathroom, using the stimulation of water temperature to bring new feelings.


  1. Look at each other. You may be used to closing your eyes during sex to avoid embarrassment, but looking at each other can actually escalate your love. When you have sex while looking at each other, your sex is not only a physical exchange, but also a spiritual exchange. If you feel uncomfortable looking at the whole process, you can take it step by step, such as looking at each other affectionately during foreplay, or looking at each other when the orgasm comes.

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