Love women, don't make these mistakes

A man's love for a woman is reflected in all aspects of life, including sexual activities. A man sometimes feels that he already loves his female partner very much in bed, but the other party is still dissatisfied. Women are generally more reserved. If men are arbitrary and the pain is not in the right place, it will easily lead to sexual disharmony. The marriage counselor of the US "Health" website reminds that in matters of sex, men avoid five mistakes, which can make women happier.


Mistake 1: Thinking that women have weak desires. Men are generally more active in sexual matters, women are less active, and women's sexual pleasure is generally slower, so many men think that women are not very interested in sex, or that their sexual desire is not strong. Such thoughts must be discarded. There are indeed differences between women and men, but women also like sex, and they also have strong desires and surging pleasure, so there is a saying that "thirty is like a wolf and forty is like a tiger". They just don't like sex that isn't structured or to their liking. So if your female partner rejects you one day, the first thing you need to do is to discuss with her and find out how to mobilize her emotions, instead of just thinking that she is "uninterested".

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Mistake #2: Skipping foreplay. A man's pleasure comes and goes quickly, a woman's pleasure is slow and long. If a man is based on his own feelings and skips the foreplay and acts directly, you will find that the hot ass is on the bench and is not welcomed by your lover. A woman's sex needs romantic foreplay, and she likes you to caress her whole body. During foreplay, start with kissing, caressing lips, neck, chest, don't touch her secret garden, leave a little suspense and anticipation, and finally reach the core area. Don't rush the foreplay, the female partner's whole body is waiting for your "development". You love her body, kiss every inch of her body, a woman will naturally be moved. When she finally reaches her clit, she'll be walking on clouds.


Mistake 3: The foreplay time is too short. Not only can men not "skip class", but they should also do their homework well. Foreplay is not just in bed, it can start very early. If after coming home from get off work in the evening, you are already full of "sex", and the cute person is tired after a day of work, you can take the initiative to do the housework first, give her a hot bath, and help her put the child to sleep, then you will Find out that she has opened her arms to you. Love is the best aphrodisiac, you are her good man under the bed, and she is your good lover in bed. The more fully a man takes care of a woman's needs, the more love communication she will feel from you, and the more she will be able to actively cater to your every movement during sex.


Mistake 4: Men know that women's clitoris is as sensitive as their own penis, so they use masturbation techniques on their lovers and rub them vigorously, which is very undesirable. Although the penis and clitoris are physiologically homologous, women's "little peas" are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body and cannot withstand severe stimulation. When a man caresses, his technique must be gentle, and he must always pay attention to the reaction of his female partner to find the most comfortable way for her. In addition to foreplay stimulation, men should not ignore the female clitoris during sex. Women are different, some women prefer vaginal orgasms, and some women prefer clitoral orgasms. The man can change the angle a little, so that the penis can stimulate the lover's clitoris by the way, or cooperate with finger caressing, so that the female partner can get a double orgasm.


Mistake 5: Just follow your own preferences. In most cases of sex, the man takes the initiative. Even if the woman proposes to change the trick, she still acts according to the man's wishes in the end. It is a good thing for husbands and wives to sing along, but sometimes it is not conducive to emotional communication and sexual harmony. A woman has her own preferences, and you may not understand her heart. You think that a certain pose in the movie will definitely give her extreme pleasure, but in reality, your partner may not be interested in it at all, so don't "fight hard" bow". Sex can’t be preconceived and go your own way. Pay more attention to the preferences of your female partner, the sex will be more harmonious, and it will make her feel more loved.

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