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No matter what words, videos, movies, or porn say about sex, the secret to being sexually open is that it's not as easy as it seems. Women (or people with vaginas) in the picture always orgasm within minutes of penetration, but the reality is that only 18% of women achieve orgasm during pure penetrative sex.


Myisha Battle, a sex education scholar, said that the reasons for inability to orgasm are complex. Stress, hormonal imbalances, negative thoughts, etc., or drugs taken can also affect libido and sexual performance. Of course, various articles have discussed the method of orgasm and the creation of atmosphere. However, the concept of orgasm is always hazy. Through this article, the editor will help you to climax!


"Orgasm Secret" 1: Letting go is as important as relaxing


There is a saying that the orgasm is actually not the vagina, but the brain. As you can imagine, having too many thoughts in your head is one of the biggest killers of orgasms. Myisha suggests that practicing emptiness in the home space, purely allowing the mind to accept the pleasure of the body, will be more likely to orgasm than having the idea of "just a little more" in the mind.


"Orgasm Secret" 2: Restraint is another kind of liberation


Maybe the heart is not ready to advance to the prop class of sex, but in fact, restraint may be another level of liberation for intimacy. You can try to hold back the orgasm, or fix the wrist that is easy to twist, break the routine, and have the opportunity to ignite the hidden desire in the body.


"Orgasm Secret" 3: Reduce the desire to control


People who can't orgasm or enjoy sex can try to think about their own lives. Explore your own inner world in daily life. It may be because you control too many things in your life, and you also unconsciously want to "control yourself to climax".


"Orgasm Secret" 4: The mouth of the hole can accumulate more pleasure than the inside of the hole



Pleasure is a very important part of sex. Of course, it is very exciting to be a pillar of the sky, but the climax achieved after accumulating pleasure is more full of aftertaste. Repeated rubbing and light kneading to touch the tender meat increases congestion and blood flow to the extremities, which in turn produces the accumulation of pleasure, and then reaches a high point strongly.


"Orgasm Secret" 5: Communication is the bridge of everything


A good relationship requires good communication, and so does sex. Being able to openly discuss the sexual process can also increase relationship intimacy for both partners.


"Orgasm Secret" 6: The upper mouth serves the lower mouth


Clitoral stimulation is important, and oral sex is a good way to do it.


"Orgasm Secret" 7: Feeling of touch dominates pleasure


There are many ways to masturbate, so don't be discouraged if none of the things you've tried work. It may require quick tapping motions, steady pressure, a slow cyclical rhythm with increasing pressure, or some other combination.


"Orgasm Secret" 8: If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools


"Orgasm Secret" 9: Multimedia, Diversified Learning


Listen to music, watch movies, sexy reference books.

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