Sex is a big difference between men and women! What women love, men may not love! What men enjoy, women find strange. Quickly eavesdrop on men's voices, see men's favorite ways of making love and sex tips, so as to know more about men.

Sex Tips 1

"Men are more straightforward. If a woman has any sexual requirements, please boldly raise them. No matter what sexual moves, just let them go. And men like to hear women moaning, so please don't be shy. Shouting out will help men be more happy."


Dave, 26 years old


Sex Tips 2

"Men really like women to blowjob for themselves. They think that a woman who loves him will not mind blowjob. And men first blowjob for women, but in fact they also hope to blowjob for themselves next. Blowjob is really important, so I am afraid The woman's triangle has very thick pubic hair, and I personally like women's bottoms to be clean and free of pubic hair."


Tim, 38 years old


Sex Tips 3

"Don't think that men don't like talking during sex. I think that sharing each other's feelings during a satisfying and happy lovemaking process, making love and talking about love, are indispensable. Men are important for vision and communication. Sex without conversation is It’s like a one-night stand, which reflects that men don’t really value you.”


Charles, 27 years old

 Couple drinking WildStud™ Maca Energy Coffee in bed

Sex Tips 4

"Many men are more 'anxious'. I suggest that everything should be done slowly. Foreplay is very important. It must be done enough to make sure a woman is ready before entering her vagina."


Jason, 27 years old

Sex Tips 5


"Many people underestimate the importance of eye contact. I think that if you look into each other's eyes more, it will make the sex process more intimate, and the misty eyes of women during sex are really sexy."


 Mike, 32 years old

Sex Tips 6

"I like to have a dirty talk with the woman I love. A little swearing is fine. If the woman praises her abilities, it will certainly make the man more excited."


Dan, 27 years old

Sex Tips 7

"My ex likes to use sex toys very much. He will use a massage stick during sex. I think having sex toys will make the whole sex process more interesting. Women may wish to take out your little toys and let men do things for you."


Stephen, 28 years old

Couple drinking Wildstud coffee

Sex Tips 8

"If a woman wears very old-fashioned or conservative underwear, that is, the flesh-colored underwear that my aunt usually wears, I will really have no sexual interest, and it is difficult to have the urge to touch her body, so sexy pajamas are really important."

Peter , 35 years old

Sex Tips 9

"Don't teach me how to have sex, don't rate me, and don't mention  ex, it's a capital offense! Women dominate us and it's boring."


Angus, 29 years old

Sex Tips 10

"I don't like having sex in the dark, so when a woman asks to turn off the lights, it's like throwing cold water on me. Because I want to see a woman's expression, and her expression will directly affect my performance."


Daniel, 23 years old

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