Women Orgasm During Sex

Dr. Phil said it takes a woman 14 minutes to orgasm and I feel so bad for him.


What's more sad is that a lot of people think so, and I've read different sources stating that it usually takes a woman 15-20 minutes to experience an orgasm.


What is certain is that unless you deliberately delay ejaculation, women will take much longer to reach orgasm than men.


If you don't warm up for foreplay and then hit the dragon with the right posture, it will "really" take 15-20 minutes to get her to orgasm, the reality is most guys don't even know it when they're in bed I'm messing around, so the plot can go in two ways: either the girl is naturally prone to orgasm, or the girl is just playing around, pretending to be jacked, so as to save the man's face.


In fact, it is not impossible for a girl and a man to experience orgasm at the same time if both parties accumulate pleasure at the same speed, and it is even possible for her to be faster than you.


My orgasmic experiences with girls in the past

I'm not very good at getting girls to orgasm, but it's actually pretty bad, the psychologically haunted kind.


I let the woman I love leave me because I can't satisfy her in bed. On top of that, there are dozens of girls who left my bedroom thinking, "This guy's unmotivated," and never came back to me.


The girl's orgasm is a mystery to me, an unbreakable code, some kind of evolutionary privilege reserved for the stronger, higher-up men in the food chain.


Either I'm not majestic enough, or I'm not durable enough, it's just that tragic, my physiology isn't made for girls to orgasm.


But I later found out that these ideas were wrong.


Getting girls to cum became my life's mission after the one I thought was the right one dumped me.


Whenever I have free time, I get into research on the female orgasm, spanning everything from oral sex techniques to clit books to sex forums to different kit-kat techniques for penetration.


I kind of overdid my research and completely cut off sex and dating for a long time before I thought I was ready.


And the last good opportunity finally came, I missed the opportunity of waiting for another five hundred years, and I was ready, I started to attack her peach, and within 10 minutes, she reached 2 times Intense orgasm.


It was like a dream come true.


But I was a little concerned that it was a fluke, so I tried it again and again with the same girl, and also wondered if other girls had such a strong reaction. However, I finally succeeded.


In the last ten years I've given about 20-30 girls multiple orgasms in just a few minutes (I'm not a professional prostitute, just a hypersexual guy living in Miami, where we can be said to be extremely rich in female resources.)


You said 20 minutes to orgasm? Come on, here's how to make girls orgasm fast.


During foreplay and sex, her mind is only filled with sex

When it comes to orgasms, the girl's state of mind plays an important role.


In an episode about weird sex on the Travel Life Channel, it was alleged that there was a girl who could climax just by having sexual fantasies in her head, without any physical contact at all.


Scientists gave her an MRI. After carefully studying her brain wave lines, they found that those waveforms were exactly the same as the stormy brain activity of a girl's orgasm during sex. She could climax just by thinking about it.


Although it takes about 30 minutes, and most girls will never have this level of self-psychological stimulation to trigger an orgasm, it still shows that girls' thoughts really have a great influence on orgasms.


So how do you turn this knowledge into useful action? What you can do is send her a message, tell her exactly how you want to fuck her, send it all day, build up the expectations in her heart; then during foreplay, say some salty things, and actually make love In the middle too, when you grab her heart and she relaxes completely, that's when the orgasm is raging.


Stimulate her clit before entering

This trick is even more essential if you have unsustainable problems.


Your tongue is a great tool for clitoral stimulation because it doesn't have a built-in "countdown timer" and girls will love the soft, warm touch.


When you are showing power with your mouth, you can take a break once in a while, say some salty and lewd words, and then continue to make her comfortable, you can go one step closer to the orgasm, and you don’t need to spend so much physical strength when you thrust in the future. Let her "break" the whole building.


Whether you want to play with your hands or tease with your tongue, there is one thing you can't forget: keep going! Bury her legs apart and repeat the same movement, consistently and with perseverance. Let her feel that she is not lewd, and you will not stop. Make sure to let her know that you're willing and happy to help her feel comfortable, and you're never going to get tired halfway through. She must feel that every time she is touched or licked, she is as ecstasy as bones are about to fall apart, gradually falling into the abyss of bottomless pleasure.


Adding tip: use two fingers to reach into the top of the vagina, and then dig back, as if instructing others to "come here", and you should also use your mouth to help, which helps to stimulate her G-spot and also It is the internal tissue of the clitoris.

 wildstud coffee on coffee beans

Find a position that stimulates the clitoris easily

The clitoris is the gateway to a woman's orgasm, and if you don't work hard on it, you won't be able to get her high.


Unless the girl's clitoris is very close to the opening of her vagina, the doggy position (retrograde position) is only for entertainment, although it will give the partner sexual pleasure, it is almost unlikely to be enough stimulation to make her orgasm, at least It is definitely not an easy task.


The most classic missionary posture is a man-on-female position, which is a good way to make a girl climax, but at the same time use your lower pelvis, that is, near the root of your big carving, to rub and squeeze the girl's clitoris, while the in and out In the process, use your waist strength to rub that point.


Practically speaking, it's more like a quick "up and down rub" of the clitoris than an in-and-out violent pounding.


How to press the orgasm accelerator

It's also important to take care of all her sensitivities, it's a bit like typing cheats to break a level.


If you've found the right angle to thrust, or she's on top, it's your job to suck, pull, and pinch her sensitive parts, maybe something can be done at the same time (you can ask her If you have any preferences, I believe she will give you the right guidance), then combine with some erotic love words, her pussy will become tighter, more flirtatious, and more wavy, and then immediately detonate the orgasm.


Satisfying her body is the key to maintaining a relationship (be it a lover or a sexual partner)

The cruel thing is that women will be with poor, fierce, scumbag men with good sex skills, and they can maintain relationships better than rich and handsome men with poor bed skills.


A happy sex life is the adhesive of feelings, and the basis of a happy sex life is that each other really feels good.


Whether you're looking for a stable relationship, or just a sexual partner, these skills are essential, and with practice and practice, you'll have the dream bed skill to keep women around that most men have Lack of.

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