The unexpected magical effect of coffee on men, never expected!

Male sexual dysfunction (Erectile dysfunction) is a pain in the hearts of many boys. With the increase of age and the impact of many civilized diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the phenomenon of male "konjac guy" caused by sexual dysfunction makes men physically Both physically and family suffered a huge blow. And aphrodisiac drugs such as Well Steel, Cialis, etc. can improve the erectile function of about 70% to 80% of patients, and the recently popular low-energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy can also help the penile blood vessels to regenerate, which can make up for the deficiency of the remaining 20-30% of patients.


However, drugs are drugs after all. If you can avoid taking drugs and injections, is there any daily food or drink that can improve sexual dysfunction? And the coffee we usually drink may be an important link!!! According to the 2015 American In the study, the group who drank 2-3 cups of coffee per day (approximately 175-375 mg per day) had a 44% reduction in the risk of sexual dysfunction compared to the group that did not consume caffeine (0-7 mg per day). into about. The group that consumed more caffeine did not seem to have more benefits on sexual function. In particular, if you subdivide it further, for healthy people, drinking more coffee does not seem to have any effect on improving sexual dysfunction, but for obese and hypertensive groups, there is coffee intake, regardless of any dose, can reduce sexual function risk of impediment. In patients with diabetes, caffeine intake does not see any help at all.


Does that mean that caffeine has some magical effect that can make a man's penis hard after drinking it? It is true that caffeine can relax smooth muscle in animal experiments and help blood flow into the penis to cause an erection, but there is no evidence in humans yet Caffeine can directly cause an erection. According to the latest article in a heavyweight medical journal, caffeine can temporarily increase brain alertness, improve vitality, and increase work ability. These short-term enhancements can enhance sports performance, which is reflected in two aspects. The first is during normal exercise, because caffeine enhances sports performance and willingness, and at the same time enhances the exercise effect, thereby improving cardiopulmonary function. With muscle exercise, the blood supply of the penis will also increase, which is to "strengthen the root". Second, it comes from the short-term explosive increase brought by caffeine, and the sexual act itself is a piston movement. In addition to the penis, it also needs the support of the explosive strength of the whole body muscle group. What caffeine brings is a short-term increase in auxiliary physical strength. It's right to think of it as the concept of turning on the turbo acceleration of a car engine. For diabetic patients, the blood vessels all over the body have the problem of hardening, so the effect of caffeine is quite limited. In the case of a car, even if the engine is strengthened, the pipeline in the car body is blocked, and the power cannot be transmitted completely. go down.

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How to drink it for sexual dysfunction? The doctor suggested this


  1. Consume 2-3 cups of coffee daily and try not to add sugar.


  1. It is recommended to use it 1 to 2 hours before sex. The blood concentration should be the highest during sex. Drink about half a cup. Don't take too much at once, otherwise it will be embarrassing if you suddenly want to go to the toilet during sex.


  1. If the sexual activity is late at night, it is recommended not to use coffee, so as not to be excited all the way to dawn after sex.


  1. You can take an appropriate amount before exercising on weekdays to enhance the effect of exercising.


Finally, we must understand sexual behavior as driving. The engine of a car is our heart. Multiple factors will affect the performance of sexual behavior, such as whether the engine is good or bad, whether it is refueled, whether the oil is changed regularly, and whether the chassis (muscle) is strong and rigid. Wait, while caffeine is more of a turbo booster, boosting overall performance.


But it also has its limit. If it is completely ineffective or the sexual behavior is still panting, it may be a cardiovascular problem or other diseases, and a professional urologist is needed to evaluate it.


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