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Men have always been positioned as "activists" in sex, and sexologists often remind them: not to be too rude, to have a longer foreplay, and to be gentle afterwards, etc. In fact, sex is a matter between two people, and some casual behaviors of women may also ruin their sex life. To this end, we have summarized 8 things women should not do during sex according to the latest release of the Kinsey Institute of Sexology in the United States.


1. Too passive.

Many women think that men should take the initiative in sex. In fact, women are more active in their sex life, which can greatly improve their sexual satisfaction and performance. Always put yourself in a passive state, which will increase the sexual pressure on men, and the frequency of sex will also be affected. It is suggested that in the married life, women try to take the initiative and learn to "seduce" him.


2. Lack of confidence in your body.

Confidence is the "engine" of sexual desire, but many women worry about their figure during sex, and even refuse to take off their clothes or even refuse sex because of this. Surveys show that men don't pay much attention to women's body fat during sex, and plumper women are more likely to arouse men's desire. It is recommended that women exercise more, maintain their skin after bathing, and increase their self-confidence.


3. Keep silent.

Silence is the enemy of sex. A French survey found that during sex, the partner keeps silent, and keeping silent is the most unacceptable performance for men. The subtext to the other party is "I'm not interested in your behavior at all." It is suggested that you must make a sound during sex, whether it is a low moan or a simple compliment, it is a "catalyst" for a perfect sex life, and it is a good way for your partner. Great encouragement.


4. Fake an orgasm.

Many women will fake an orgasm during sex, thinking that this is a "white lie" to their lover. In fact, it is easy for men to tell whether their partner really has an orgasm through their facial expressions and breathing sounds. Fake orgasm will make both parties feel psychologically frustrated, and the rate of orgasm will be lower in the future. It is recommended that women actively communicate when they cannot get an orgasm.


5. Rarely caresses men.

According to modern scientific research, in sexual experience, the most important thing is the sense of touch. Caressing and kissing sexually sensitive parts can fully open the door to sexual pleasure. Enjoying caressing is not a woman's patent, men also need to mobilize their emotions through caressing and feel loved. It is recommended that women caress men more and develop their sexual sensitivity.


6. "Too selfish" in sex.

Sex is a process of satisfaction for both parties. If a woman pays too much attention to her own happiness, and even criticizes the man because of this, she will disappoint her partner. It is recommended that women ask the man how he feels while satisfying himself.

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7. Reluctance to try new changes.

Some women are resistant to trying new positions and using sex toys. If the foreplay, sex position and way of reaching orgasm are always the same, it is easy for both parties to gradually become bored. It is recommended to try a new sexual position once in a while, which will make both husband and wife feel exciting and pleasantly surprised.


8. Ignoring security measures.

Although condoms are used on men, women should also remember to prepare them for the safety of both parties and to avoid pregnancy. Women are advised to keep condoms and lubricants in a private place in the bedroom and to check for refills regularly.

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