7 Things To Do To Make Him Attach To You

The essence of love is the establishment and maintenance of "attachment relationship". In addition to physical attachment, emotional attachment is also an indispensable and extremely important part of marriage and love. A love flower without emotional attachment will wither one day. In a relationship, the man is usually the more independent partner. What can a female partner do if she wants to strengthen their emotional attachment to her? You can try the 7 methods summarized in the article on the emotional website "Your Tango".


  1. Let him know he doesn't have to change for you. No one wants to be the object of "being transformed". What he cares about is that you like him just because of the way he is now, not the changed him. When a man feels safe being himself in front of you, he's more likely to become emotionally attached to you. In other words, give him enough space to be himself so he can relax and open up to you.


  1. Let him know what's on your mind. Retaining some sense of mystery between you can enhance the attraction between you, but things go against each other, too much hiding will make him unable to see through your heart. Bridges of intimacy can only be built when you are genuine with each other and willing to share your emotional life. And, if a guy knows how to win your heart, he'll do anything to make you happy.

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  1. Allow him to do things for you. Men want to be able to solve problems for their lovers. Whether at work or at home, he wants to be the one you need. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to act like a "helpless damsel" all the time, or pretend you can't do anything. You just need to show weakness at the right time and give him a chance to show off. Men are traditionally used to be financially supportive, but many men can also be emotionally supportive and willing to give you a safe place to talk.


  1. Respect him and allow him to do things his way. No man wants to be controlled in every detail by the woman he loves. Everyone has the freedom to do things in their own way. If he gets judgment or criticism from you when he tries to help, he won't try again. Let him know what you need and allow him to help you in his own way. For example, if he prepares meals for you in the kitchen, even if his way of chopping vegetables is unacceptable to you, a word of thanks will always be more effective than criticism.


  1. Allow him to make mistakes. Don't "judge" your man with super high standards, it's a big bondage for him. When a man knows he won't be rejected for making a mistake, it's more likely to become attached to you. Give him room to make mistakes, and don't rush to judge until he has an opportunity to make up for it. You should see and appreciate his efforts, as long as he works hard to correct, give him opportunities and time, and never demand him with unattainable standards.


  1. Recognize his strengths and values. Whether in a romantic relationship or married life, men crave the approval and appreciation of their loved ones. If you want to have a healthy emotional connection with the one you love, it's important to acknowledge and appreciate his efforts in the relationship. Thank him for taking the time to listen to you, to send you flowers, to take out the trash, to open the door, or to twist the top of a bottle, etc. When a man feels appreciated, he will try to do more for you.


  1. Motivate him. If you really want to develop a strong emotional attachment with your partner, motivate him a lot. Most men have good hearts and want to make a positive contribution to the world and their family. You can motivate him to be and bring out the best in him by sharing your goals and vision with him. In this way, when he is with you, he will try his best not to let you down, and if he can't, he will try his best to make up for you.

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