Why do men have difficulty erecting, insufficient hardness, the root cause of halfway weakness and how to treat and recover?

What is the mechanism of male penis erection?

Being sexually stimulated or having sex-related fantasies - the sexual nerve center receives information, and the blood flow accelerates - the blood flow into the penis greatly exceeds the blood return flow of the penis - resulting in a large amount of blood storage and pressure in the cavernous sinus of the penis, making Hard erection!

This is the mechanism process of our male penis erection. If we understand this process, we will know the specific reasons for male erectile dysfunction, poor hardness, and weakness in the middle;


Causes of erection difficulties:


  1. Psychological factors, too nervous, or other reasons such as low mood, low mood, excessive excitement, etc., resulting in the inability to receive enough sexual stimulation. To put it crudely, it means not paying attention to it, and not thinking about it!


  1. Deficiency of the body, kidney deficiency, insufficient hematopoietic function of the kidneys, resulting in poor blood circulation, insufficient or inability to congest the penis;


  1. Endocrine disorders, insufficient secretion of androgen and testosterone, leading to erectile dysfunction, androgen and testosterone are the key hormones that dominate male responsiveness; and the secretion of androgen and testosterone is also determined according to the body's constitution;


  1. Organic diseases, such as prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc., will directly lead to penile congestion and inability to erect;


Most of our friends with erectile dysfunction belong to the first three types, psychological factors, physical factors and endocrine factors;


Causes of erection difficulties


There are two reasons for the lack of hardness:


  1. Insufficient congestion, physical weakness, kidney deficiency, poor blood circulation; endocrine disorders, too little secretion of the male hormone testosterone, resulting in poor erection hardness; arterial blockage, damage, or obesity and inactivity, resulting in too thick blood, resulting in Unable to complete hyperemia well, lack of hyperemia, poor hardness;


  1. Damage to the cavernous body caused by masturbation or long-term premature ejaculation, resulting in sinusoids that cannot be well congested and appear full and hard, resulting in poor hardness; in addition, the secretion of androgen and testosterone will self-repair the damaged cavernous body, so the secretion of gonadal hormones Less is also an important reason for the damage of the cavernous body;


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Reasons for midway weakness:


  1. Emotional and psychological tension, anxiety and agitation. Due to external environmental reasons or internal psychological factors, such as worrying about not being able to do it, the sexual stimulation cannot be sustained, or the inability to continuously receive sexual stimulation leads to fatigue in the middle; collectively referred to as lack of interest or attention shifting;


  1. The cavernous body and arteries are damaged, which makes it impossible to maintain a congested erection;


  1. Deficiency of the kidney and body, poor physical fitness, lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient hematopoietic function of the kidneys, resulting in congestion that cannot be maintained midway, resulting in fatigue during the course;


All in all, there are three reasons for our difficulty in erection, insufficient hardness, and weakness in the middle:


  1. Physical fitness problems. Poor constitution and energy, kidney deficiency and physical deficiency. Poor blood circulation, too thick blood, insufficient kidney hematopoietic function;


  1. Psychological and emotional factors. Diversion of attention and loss of interest due to psychological and emotional changes;


  1. Damage to the cavernous arteries. It causes the penis to fail to complete the hyperemia state well.


So how to restore it:


  1. adjust the routine of life, change bad habits such as staying up late, sitting for a long time, drinking, smoking, and not exercising;


  1. carry out health care and conditioning, improve physical fitness through health care and nourishment, and restore body functions to normal;


  1. carry out systematic physical behavior exercises to enhance physical fitness, promote the secretion of gonadal hormones (including male hormones and stimulation), and increase blood training;


  1. conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study of gender knowledge and skills, master the skills and methods to improve male abilities, improve cognition, and overcome bad psychological emotions;


For older male friends, we need to carry out health care and conditioning, which will improve recovery better, because the body function of men in their thirties is declining, and their ability to recover is poor. With the help of health care and conditioning, we will be more healthy. Good to improve the problem of weak erection hardness in the middle;


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