Five mentalities of unwillingness to go to andrology

Although we all advocate and publicize, once you find male reproductive health problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and infertility, you should go to the andrology department of a regular hospital in time. But in reality, most men are not willing to go to the andrology department. Male reproductive health problems have always been characterized by high incidence and low visit rate. What prevents male friends from seeking medical treatment? The following 5 false mindsets are very common.


  1. Go to the Andrology Department to represent yourself as "no". There are not a few men who hold these views, and they are generally younger or relatively confident men. When men’s health problems arise, they often cannot face them correctly, thinking that they will expose their shortcomings when they go to the hospital, worrying that their family and friends will laugh at them as “not good”; Break up. Faced with the dispute between treatment, improving the happiness index and saving face, they chose the latter. But in fact, such a choice will eventually affect his reproductive health, and the longer and longer male problems will become more difficult to solve, and eventually he will lose "face". Most andrology is better for early detection and early treatment. For example, male erectile dysfunction, if early treatment can be treated in time based on whether there is diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., when the pathogenic factors are not particularly serious, timely treatment is often the best.


  1. It's hard to talk about this kind of thing. Men's diseases are generally considered to be hidden diseases. Men generally seldom talk about their own reproductive health problems. Most of them think that others will look at them strangely when they go to the hospital. When expressing the condition to the doctor, always avoid the serious ones. For example, when looking at sexual function problems, some men cannot directly describe their illnesses as impotence and premature ejaculation, but say "recent low back pain" and "lack of energy" in a subtle and euphemistic way. These descriptions are inefficient in the process of seeing a doctor, cannot convey the condition well, and may affect the quality of seeing a doctor.


  1. You will be suspected of having sexually transmitted diseases, and your private life will be chaotic. Therefore, they have many considerations. Unmarried men worry about whether it will affect their search for a partner, while married men worry about whether it will affect their married life. These concerns will prevent men from stepping into the andrology clinic, exacerbate the problem, or find "sideways".


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  1. Eat some health products, just make do with it. Some men do not have a good understanding of reproductive health issues, or lack of correct gender knowledge, and often fail to seek medical advice correctly when problems arise. They even feel that there is no need to pay too much attention to these issues, and they do not have high requirements for the quality of the sexes. Outpatient clinics often encounter some patients with premature ejaculation. The couple's life time is less than 1 minute. They come to the doctor because their sexual partners are not satisfied, but they think it is normal. This kind of indifference or indifference, in the long run, is likely to ruin a happy life. Even if they realize that there is a problem and are "forced" to treat it, they still prefer to "eat some health supplements", or seek dietary help, or search for related methods on the Internet by themselves, and rarely choose to seek medical treatment in professional outpatient clinics. In fact, for mild patients, choosing lifestyle adjustments, diet therapy, and health care products will have certain effects; but if the symptoms are more serious, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Under the premise of drug intervention, combined with lifestyle adjustments, diet therapy, the effect better.


  1. The andrology examination is embarrassing. Physical examination is very important in the diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive health problems. This process requires the exposure of sexual organs. For example, if you look at the inflammation of the head of the penis, you need to check the development of the foreskin; if you look at infertility, you need to check the development of the testicles; to see if there are varicose veins, etc. For such diseases, the cause can only be found through physical examination, and then targeted treatment can be given. However, exposing sexual organs in front of strangers is very embarrassing for many men. In the outpatient clinic, patients who do not cooperate with the physical examination are often encountered, and they will always refuse for various reasons and ask to be prescribed medicine directly. The times are advancing, and the concept must be updated. Treat sexual health issues correctly and scientifically, and treat andrology as an "assistant" to improve sexual life satisfaction and reduce diseases. Don't resist and ask for help in time to have a better "sexual happiness" Life.

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